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SPECIAL REPORT: What's in Your Food?

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Do you really know what's in your food? Scientists are working to enhance the foods we eat, but the consumer's health may be the last thing on their mind.

It's an issue facing every American and one that already has millions wondering, what's in our food?

The issue of GMO Food or Genetically Modified Organism came to the forefront in March when the U.S. senate passed the Monsanto Protection Act. The law makes it impossible to stop a modified food from being used and also keeping you from knowing which foods contain them.

GMO, it sounds like something you'd expect to hear in a scientific experiment. Well that's exactly what it is; only the ingredients are classified. Whether it's a pesticide implanted to kill insects or a fish gene that will make the food stay fresher longer, it seems genetically altered foods are here to stay and its now up to the shopper to find them.

"Try to choose non-GMO and find companies that try to do the same as much as possible," said Ohio Valley nutritionist Lela Covey.

The fight over the use of genetically modified foods is nothing new. One of the men leading the fight is best selling author and GMO opponent Jeffrey Smith.

Josh Jebbia, owner of Jebbia's Market in Wheeling, said his grocery is all about the freshness and quality.

Another huge concern is what will those chemicals do to a human body? The verdict is still out, but Monsanto doesn't seem too concerned with the affects. Their own website says, "there is no need for, or value in testing the safety of GMO foods in humans." It's this blatant neglect of consumer health that's beginning to worry even the basic shopper.

You may be asking yourself: how can I avoid eating these foods? Right now the law states that companies do not have to tell if you if they're using genetically modified ingredients, luckily some companies are being proactive and are directly putting on their labels they are Non-GMO and those are the ones you'll want to keep and eye out for.

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