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Police Chief and Sheriff Agree, Security Needed at Courthouse

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After Thursday's lockdown at the Eastern Division Court in Bellaire, the Belmont County Sheriff's Department and police agree they need to beef up manpower.

"This is just an incident where things go wrong," said Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas.

Lucas said crime is on the rise and that he's determined to not only protect the citizens of Belmont County, but the courthouse and its employees.

Before the building was built, Bellaire Police Chief Mike Kovalyk addressed commissioners about the need for security.

"With these things sometimes you don't have the opportunity to pre plan so that's why it is best to have security already in place," Kovalyk said.

With two courts in one building, the sheriff and police chief agree that security needs to be beefed up.

"I mean its mandatory not only for the protection of the workers but also the people that come here doing business at the courthouse all the attorneys and all the other civilians that come in here," Lucas said.

Courthouse security is a problem across the country and the sheriff and police department are working to make sure Belmont County doesn't have this problem anymore.

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