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One Suspect Arrested in Mingo Junction Shooting; Pistol Whipping

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Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said one person was arrested Friday morning in regards to a shooting and pistol whipping at a home in Mingo Junction, Thursday.

Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty confirms for 7 News that  20-year-old Drake Burton,of Steubenville was arrested Friday morning.

Sheriff Abdalla said he is working on finding the other two suspects.

The Sheriff's Department worked through the night with the U.S. Marshals Service to locate the suspects.


A two-year-old is in a Pittsburgh hospital suffering from a concussion and bumps and bruises after a robbery attempt where three people were pistol whipped and one shot.

The incident happened in Mingo Junction, just south of Steubenville.  Jefferson County, Ohio Sheriff Fred Abdalla said a 17-year-old female drove three men to a house there about 2:30 P.M.  The men had put on clothing to resemble utility workers.  

They robbed one man and shot him in the leg, and pistol-whipped him.  The robbers then went on to pistol-whip a two-year-old child, a 13-year-old child, and a 23-year-old woman. They then fled north to Steubenville, where officers took the juvenile female into custody.  The three other robbers remain at large.

Injuries to the two-year-old required a medical helicopter evacuation to Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital.  Sheriff Fred Abdalla could not contain his disgust at the acts.

He told 7News, "I'd like to get the low-life scumbag.  I want the low-life scumbag that pistol-whipped that two-year-old child -- and the 13-year-old.  I'm offering a $1,000 reward this evening to anybody who has knowledge of who these creeps, low-life's were.  Just give me some names -- and you'll get yourself $1,000.  I'm not going to rest until these low-life's are in custody."


Authorities said four people were injured in an apparent robbery at a home on Union Street in Mingo Junction.

One man was shot in the leg, three females were pistol whipped including a two year old girl.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said the two year old was lifeflighted to a Pittsburgh Hospital.

A car  involved in the incident was found on North Fourth  Street in Steubenville, and police say a female juvenile  who was allegedly driving the car has been taken into custody.

Officers are searching for other suspects.

Stay with for updates as we receive them.

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