UPDATE: Man Who Tried to Run Down Officers Is Arrested



The man wanted for allegedly trying to run over a Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy and Steubenville Police officer has finally been arrested.

Kenneth Leon Jett appeared in municipal court Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. He's facing charges of aggravated vehicular assault.

His bond is set at $100,000 and his preliminary hearing is set for July 9.





Authorities are looking for suspect Kenneth Leon Jett, who allegedly attempted to run an officer and deputy over.

Police responded to a call about loud music playing from cars on Dock Street when things took a turn for the worse. A red Durango attempted to run over a Steubenville officer and a Jefferson County Deputy. Both officers fired at the front right wheel but Jett got away.

Sheriff Fred Abdalla said he considers Jett dangerous and an arrest warrant has been issued.




A Steubenville police officer and a Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy were responding to a call of loud music being played from cars around 2 am Sunday on Dock Street when things took a turn for the worse.

Authorities say a person driving a red Durango attempted to run both the officer and deputy over. Both fired shots at the car in an attempt to stop it, but the man kept driving and got away.

Authorities have the car in their possession but are still searching for the man who tried to run over the officers. Ohio BCI and the Sheriff's department is handling the investigation.

Kenneth Leon Jett could be facing numerous charges including attempted aggravated assault, fleeing, eluding and more.

"An individual who attempts to hurt a police officer or hurts a police officer or like two weeks ago shot at a police officers in Steubenville, they'll do that to the general public. So anybody that will attack an officer, they're dangerous to the public as far as I'm concerned," says Sheriff Fred Abdalla.

Patrolman Matt Smarrella is on administrative leave and Sergeant Joe Lamantia returns to work Tuesday night; both are doing fine.

Sheriff Abdalla is asking Jett to turn himself in or anyone with information on Jett's whereabouts to call him.

If you have any information on this crime, call the Lauttamus Crime Fighters tip line at 1-800-223-0312.

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