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People Say Teletech In Moundsville Is Closing September 20

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For a week, people have been posting and emailing, saying that Teletech in Moundsville is about to close its doors.

Our calls have not been answered.

So one reporter from walked in and asked if it was true.

She was told to leave the property, and was given a corporate phone number to call.

She got a voicemail message, left a message, and again, her call went unanswered.

Local officials have confided that they heard the rumor, and hope it's not true, but say it seems to be rampant.

Several people in one Moundsville government agency say they have relatives who work at Teletech, and they've been told they're losing their jobs.

"My mother works at Teletech right now and I know she's been told they're closing down in the middle of September, September 20, something like that," confirms Joe Morris of Moundsville.

"Well, I saw it on Facebook, that Teletech might be closing down," said Chuck Kobasko, owner of the Varsity Pizza Shop. "I think it's a shame. There's a lot of people down here in Moundsville that depend on that job and I get a lot of business from that place."

We have been told the closing will affect 300 people.

While there is no official confirmation, there seems to be no question in people's minds that it's closing.


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