Wheeling Hospital Doctors Issue Warnings on Fireworks Hazards

[image] MGN Online

Health care professionals are warning of the possibility of severe injuries that can happen with the private use of fireworks.

Wheeling Hospital's Emergency Trauma Center staff said the most common injuries they see are burn and blast injuries to the hands, face and eyes.

 ''By far the safest way to attend an outdoor public display put on by specially trained pyrotechnic professionals,''said Jill Tomassetti, nurse manager at Wheeling Hospital's Emergency-Trauma Center.

The State Fire Marshal has released a list of safety tips.

One tip includes lighting all items outside in a clear area away from houses,and away from yard debris such as grass,brush and leaves, and away from flammable materials like gas cans and newspapers.

Officials also remind people not to relight or handle malfunctioning fireworks, store fireworks in a cool, dry secure location and to never touch unexploded fireworks.



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