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SPECIAL REPORT: A Look Inside Shriners Children Hospital

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Its normally one of the toughest decisions some parents have to face: pay for their child's medical expenses, or lose their home.

Fortunately, there's a remarkable facility 180 miles north of the Ohio Valley that is changing everything we know about the medical field.

The latest innovative technology is just part of the treatment at Shriners Hospital in Eerie, Pennsylvania.

Once a year Shriners everywhere are invited to take a tour of this unique facility to see how their fundraising efforts are spent, and WTRF was graciously invited along for the ride.

The environment behind these doors has been crucial over the years at rehabilitating the youngest patients.

Kristin Smith, a physical therapist said, "this facility is almost exclusively for children so we see infants up to 21 with varying diseases"

During this special visit we had the opportunity to talk to the patients themselves, like 7 year old Emily Mellish, a beautiful little girl with a heart of gold.  

Emily has even been doing her part in helping out.

"I couldn't walk because I had surgery on my back, so I had to think of something to do while recovering. I thought of making bracelets," said the 7 year old.

Emily's bracelet business is booming !  

But bracelet's cant pay *all the hospital bills and that's when Emily's father found the true definition of Shriner compassion.

Emily's father Thad Mellish added, "its an amazing facility, top notch care and absolutely no concern for payment from the family. You'd think if you didn't pay you'd get sub par coverage, that's not the case. Its top notch throughout the world."

Luckily, children like Emily don't have to travel far to the receive the medical they so desperately need.

For more information on how you can purchase one of Emily's bracelets, log onto www.facebook.com/Beads4Needs

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