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Sheriff Asks Public's Help After Three Cars Are "Bulldozed" Over A Hill

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The Belmont County Sheriff is appealing to the public for help in solving a bizarre case of theft and vandalism.

They say someone stole a bulldozer and used it to push three parked cars over a hill.

They were parked in an open space called a park-and-ride at the intersection of I-470 and County Road 214.

The cars were found over the hill in deep weeds.

Officials say it's the same bulldozer that was stolen last summer and used to destroy a house on County Road 214.

The dozer, owned by Shelly & Sands of Zanesville, was parked in a nearby lot and both times it was stolen.

Sheriff Dave Lucas believes that the early Saturday morning car pushing incident had to be seen--or heard--by someone.

"It's a busy area, a well-traveled highway, so we're hoping someone saw something, perhaps another vehicle parked there, and they can give us a description," said Sheriff Lucas. "We're asking for help from the community. If they have any information, give us a call."

He noted that some bulldozers can be operated with another bulldozer's key, if it's the same make or model.

The damaged cars were towed to an impound lot.

Speculation is rampant that last summer's dozer theft and this one are perhaps the work of the same person.

"As of right now, we have no evidence to tie the two together," said Lucas. "But we're keeping the other incident in mind, and we're going to look at them both very hard."

Meanwhile, the owners have moved the bulldozer to another location.


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