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Sink Holes To Be Addressed at Bethany Meeting

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After six months of trying to meet with state officials, there will finally be a meeting on Thursday regarding a recent plague of sink holes along one local road in Bethany.

"We are trying to bring everyone together so we can figure out what is going on underneath this road," says Bethany Mayor Jay Eisenhauer.

The issue was brought up at the Brooke County Commissioners meeting in which Mayor Eisenhauer announced that Senator Jack Yost, Senator Rocky Fitzsimmons, Delegate Desario, and Chesapeake Energy will all be meeting Thursday to discuss what the cause is and who is responsible.

They all start as small cracks. Then, before you know it, turn into a hole in the middle of Main Street on Route 67.

The cones mark where a sink hole could have been if the town hadn't caught it so early.

Over the past 16 months, six sink holes have taken over the street. People who have grown up here are worried that this will ruin the town's appearance.

"This is a quaint lovely place and we'd love to keep it that way and it's kind of being destroyed," says Town Recorder Cynthia Hoffman.

Constantly repairing these holes is difficult for a small town like Bethany to afford.

"We are a small town. We are on a very limited budget. It costs us money each time we open the road up, actually fix the patch, and then put the road back to WVDOH standards," says Mayor Eisenhauer.

Mayor Eisenhauer believes that the Chesapeake Energy tankers might be to blame along with the 50 plus year old sewer lines.

In the end, the town would just like answers and for the public to be safe.

That meeting is Thursday morning at 10 a.m. at Mountainside Conference Center.

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