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'Wheeling Water Warriors' Vow to Fight to Warwood Plant Decision

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This week, the Wheeling Planning Commission accepted GreenHunter's layout and plans for a site in Warwood where they plan to build a frack water treatment plant, and the plan has been met with much controversy from some concerned citizens.

The site was already zoned industrially, so the city had to look at things such as access to and from the site, landscaping, parking, and the facade of the building.

GreenHunter will now apply for building permits as their work with the city is done.

Since the beginning of its proposal, the idea of the waste water plant has brought on opposition. Residents formed the "Wheeling Water Warriors" group, who were disappointed with the decision. The Wheeling Water Warriors are not stopping their protest with the planning commission's approval of the waste water plant.

The group has been against the plant plans from the beginning, and they've made it known through rallies and by attending nearly every city meeting dealing with the project. They say any decision made here in Wheeling affects anyone down river from us, and say city officials need to consider that.

They are also concerned about the possible second phase of Green Hunter's plans, to transport waste water by barge on the Ohio River.

In an effort to bring national attention to their cause, The group is sponsoring the "Great Ohio River Relay." A baton will be passed from Pittsburgh, all the way down the Ohio River to Cairo, Illinois.

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Walkers, runners, bikers, boaters and a roller-bladers will carry the baton the entire way. It all starts on September 14, and will end sometime in early October, when the relayers reach Cairo.

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