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WJU Student's Death Shocks Neighborhood

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The Wheeling Jesuit Community continues to mourn the loss of student athlete Kevin Figaniak.

Figaniak and a friend were walking back to campus from Woodsdale when they were attacked. His friend made it out with some cuts a bruises, but when police arrived, they found Kevin lying in the street unresponsive.

Neighbors Denny Wilson and Leighann Koehler live on Haddale Avenue near the foot bridge that leads to campus. Wilson says he is shocked something like this could happen in his neighborhood.

"The college students have always been good neighbors," he said. "I've always known them to be good kids. The neighborhood itself is a calm neighborhood. It's surprising." 

Koehler has two sons that have always walked home after a night out. "I feel horrible for this boy's parents having to go through this," she says. "I have a son in college and I can't imagine getting that phone call, and how they must feel. My heart goes out to them."

Figaniak died about 24 hours after the attack at a Pittsburgh hospital.

Campus was closed to the media Sunday, and Monday.


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