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UPDATE: Department of Natural Resources Investigating After Needles, Medical Waste Found in South Wheeling Dumpster

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The Department of Natural Resources was investigating on Thursday after a shocking discovery was made in a dumpster in south Wheeling.

A large amount of medical waste, syringes, and vials of blood were dumped into an ordinary dumpster outside a motorcycle repair shop. The Ohio County Health Department has taken custody of the bio-hazardous material and will dispose of it safely. They say the fact that it was in a normal dumpster was a big concern. If that waste had gone to a normal landfill, it would have been a harm to anyone who entered it.


An alarming, and possibly hazardous discovery was made by a south Wheeling business owner.

Needles, empty vials, and what appeared to be medical waste was thrown into a dumpster outside Smitty's Motorcycle Repair. WTRF was on the scene while owner Louis Amos was waiting for authorities to arrive. Amos says he and his wife found the needles while putting some garbage into the dumpster.

Amos said," When she opened it up, there were large containers of needles, blood; four containers in general, and one of them has thousands of needles in it. So, we started calling people. Who's going to fix this? Where did it come from?"

That is a question now for state police. Amos contacted them on Tuesday and is still waiting for an officer to arrive. He says that he's found medical records in his dumpster once before, but never any biohazard waste like this. 

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