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Two Lottery Shows To Be Recorded At Pumpkin Festival--Audience Members Wanted For TV!

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Barnesville will soon be filled with excitement and visitors.

Of course, the annual Barnesville Pumpkin Festival runs from Sept. 26-29.

But that's not all.

A large number of area residents will also get the opportunity to be on TV.

On Sept. 27, the Ohio Lottery's Cash Explosion show will tape two episodes in Barnesville.

And that will have a big economic impact on a small community.

"Most of the time, the shows are produced in Columbus, and a lot of the time they outreach to some of the larger cities, so we're very fortunate that they've selected Barnesville for two of their shows this year," said Mayor Ron Bishof.

The two shows will be taped in Barnesville High School's gym next Friday starting at 1:45 p.m.

Audience members will be seated at 1 p.m.

They'll be chosen on a first-come first-served basis, so people are expected to start lining up early outside the high school.

The overflow will get to watch the show on a big screen TV in the auditorium, and school officials say they will also be eligible for gifts and prizes.

Barnesville residents seem pretty excited.

"I think it will be great," said Debbie Detling of Barnesville. "I think the people around here will probably enjoy it. They enjoy the Lottery."

"Oh I probably would go, if I don't have to work," said Zelda Godwin of Barnesville.

The show comes into town with a surprisingly large production crew and staff.

And they'll all need hotel rooms.

So will the pre-chosen contestants.

It's a big challenge, but all in a day's work for Belmont County Tourism Director Doc Householder.

"It was quite a challenge," noted Householder. "But we did secure the 65 rooms that they wanted."

"Because the production crew and staff have to be separated from the contestants, Doc arranged for one facility (Microtel) to have 45 production and crew members, and another facility (Hampton Inn) for the 20 contestants," noted the mayor.

The audience members will remain in the audience.

They won't get a chance to "come on down" like in some other TV game shows.

The contestants have already been lined up from all over Ohio.

But the audience members will still get 60 minutes of fame--smiling, cheering and clapping--being on two 30-minute shows.


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