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Two Dog Attacks Reported Just Hours Apart in Wheeling, Police Say Incidents on the Rise

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Two dog bites within just hours of each other on Tuesday have Wheeling Police begging the public to help put a stop to a serious problem.

Police say the first attack involved a Pit Bull mix on Wheeling Island that bit an elderly woman several times, leaving her hand seriously injured. Two hours later, a Beagle mix bit a man's hand in South Wheeling.

Police say they have seen a serious increase in vicious dog bites recently and say many owners are not controlling or registering their dogs. The registries are kept in a log in the city's finance office, but the number of dogs registered is only 17.

The city's dog ordinance requires Pit Bulls to be muzzled, and on a six-foot leash when outside. When dog's are registered, the owners are given a copy of the vicious dog ordinance, and told what is required of them. The dogs have to be kept in a yard with at least a six-foot fence, buried into the ground, with a lock on the gate, among other things, And this is something, that police check on.

One of the owners from these recent incidents has already been summoned into court. Police have yet to identify the other owner.

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