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Another Dog Killed In Its Owner's Yard In The Ohio Valley

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It's a crime that's forming a disturbing pattern.

This time it happened in Maynard, Ohio, in broad daylight.

And the dog's owner came home to find him dead.

Neighbors say the large brown boxer-pit bull mix was friendly and well-behaved.

Its owners, who live on Hall Street, had three dogs, and neighbors say they left them outside in a fenced yard when they were at work.

Thursday the owner came home to find one of the three dead.

"Apparently sometime Thursday morning, a gentleman was there to work on the furnace and when the furnace man left to get more parts, he came back and the lady's dog had apparently been shot," said one neighbor who declined to give his name.

John Vicker cuts the grass at the Polish Club next door, and has seen the dog man times.

He says it would bark a few times, but was never aggressive.

The idea of a dog killer in Maynard doesn't sit well with him.

"I live up on the hill," said Vicker. "Anybody shoots my dog is going to have a big problem."

This dog's death follows a recent series of killings of dogs in their owners' yards, from Dillonvale to Holloway to Glen Dale.

Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas believes this case may not be related.

"It's not the same M.O.," says the sheriff. "The other dogs were done differently. This one was shot. It's sad because the dog was inside its own yard, it wasn't bothering anybody and someone shot it."

He urges pet owners to be particularly cautious.

"Watch your dog," Sheriff Lucas warned. "If you put your dog out, watch him. I have pets. We're concerned because we know how important they are and how close we get to them. So just be a little more cautious."

Citizens are offering a reward.

To find out about that, call (740) 433-5078.


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