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Wheeling Hotel Expansion Not Sitting Well With Some Neighbors

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Plans to expand the Hampton Inn hotel on National Road in Wheeling are not sitting well with some neighbors who live directly behind it. But, it's not the actual expansion that has them concerned, it's something else that's in the plans for the work.

Adding two more floors to the five-story structure and more parking space would move the only access road to Corliss Terrace, where Doug Huff has lived for the last few decades, along with several other residents. Huff and his neighbors are all worried that the steep angle of the new access road, and sharp turn would jeopardize their safety.

He and the rest of the homeowners on Corliss Terrace were notified 10 days ago. Many of them are retired, and worried about ambulance access in case of an emergency.

A response from the hotel's owner, Bob Hitchman, has not been received.

The city says they met with fire officials to go over the preliminary plan months ago, and there weren't any concerns over the access to that road for emergency vehicles. The board of zoning appeals will decide Thursday morning whether the hotel can build up two floors, and then the entire site plan will be reviewed by the planning commission on Monday.

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