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UPDATE: Bridgeport School District Recovers 90 Percent of $88,000 Stolen by Hacker

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The Bridgeport School District has recovered more than 90 percent of funds stolen by an overseas hacker last year.

Superintendent Ted Downing said almost all of the stolen money has been reimbursed to the district through their insurance company. Downing said they did have some expenses, such as a deductible and forensics expert, otherwise, they are pleased with the results.



ORIGINAL STORY, October 22, 2013:

Officials with the Bridgeport School District say their bank accounts are the target of an unknown hacker. Now more than $80,000 is missing.

District officials say they received a call last week from Citizens Bank alerting them to the situation. Authorities and school district officials say this was not an inside job and that all evidence points to an outsider who is not local, hacking in using various technology.

The school district says they are working with law enforcement and an insurance company to get a reimbursement. They say no stone will be left unturned. 

Ted Downing, Superintendent of Bridgeport Schools, said he is confident they can get the money back. He says the district can continue to operate without any setbacks. Downing went on to say the district is prepared to take legal action. Downing said the district will "go after whoever we have to go after if we don't get the satisfaction we want, because we feel violated and nobody here did anything wrong." He continued, "You don't ever think this is something that will happen to you but when it does, it does. We have a lot of protocols in place... so I guess you're never really safe."



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