DECISION MAKERS: Guest include University of Charleston professors, Bill Raney, Mike McKown and Senators Bill Cole and Mitch Carmichael

On this week's episode of Decision Makers, Bray sits downwith Bill Raney, President of the WV Coal Association.  Raney and Bray talk about changes in the coalindustry, stemming from CONSOL announcing it sold its WV mines.

Dr. Michelle Easton, Dean of the University of CharlestonSchool of Pharmacy, talks with Bray about the school and how they reach out totheir community.  Dean Easton tells Brayabout the PharmUC program and how it is helping out the area.  Bray also talks to two professors from the UC'sSchool of Pharmacy.

The Director of the WV State Budget Office, Mike McKown,stops by to talk about West Virginia'sstate budget.  McKown gives Bray hisanalysis of the state's budget and how it might look in the future.

Sen. Bill Cole and Sen. Mitch Carmichael talk with Brayabout the state's budget.  Senators Coleand Carmichael talk about how they would help grow the state's economy.  They also talk about the Washington Post'sstory on West Virginia'spolitics.

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