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NFL Player Suspended for Alleged Bullying

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Recent Allegations in the NFL for bullying has one player indefinitely suspended from the league.

Bullying has made it's way into the NFL and recently one player, Jonathan Martin decided it was too much and left the Miami Dolphins team.

Jonathan Martin has brought to light an alleged problem in the NFL locker rooms, where young players are under pressure to pay for veterans social outings. Although bullying is not looked at as much with adults, doctors say it can be just as damaging.

"People tend to think of bullying as something that goes on among children. However, we do know that it occurs among adults in all aspects of life. So we hear a lot about work place harassment, which is a form of bullying and so I'm not surprised to hear about it within the NFL. These things can be very very serious and cause a lot of great harm," said Behavioral Health Psychologist Patricia Bailey.

And now allegations came out Sunday that Dolphins teammate Richie Incognito pressured Martin into paying 15 thousand dollars for an unofficial team vacation to Las Vegas which Martin didn't even plan on going to. Many are worried that this problem isn't just with the Dolphins, but possibly the entire league. Bailey told us the these recent allegations of bullying could be a breakthrough to get more players to talk about harassment.

"this is an issue, you know things happen for a reason, and things came out in the forefront and so now maybe others will step forward on things that we have yet to hear so I think in the weeks to come, we'll probably hear a lot more," Bailey said.

The NFL's Players association is currently looking into these bullying allegations. Starting guard Richie Incognito was suspended indefinitely on Sunday by the Miami Dolphins for conduct detrimental to the team. Katrina Malstrom, 7 News. Working for you.

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