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St. Clairsville Police Urge Residents To Report Any Suspicious Behavior

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Police say there is a burglar operating in the St. Clairsville area, breaking into homes in broad daylight.

On Sunday, a woman locked her house and went to church.

When she came back, her home on Woodrow Avenue had been broken into and her valuables were stolen.

"They took money, gold jewelry and an iPad," said Police Chief Jeff Henry. "They also looked through the medicine cabinet for prescription pills."

He said the thief had tried to break into the house next door also, but didn't succeed.

The woman whose house was burglarized says this may not have been the thief's first trip to her home.

"Several weeks ago, she says she saw a thin young man in his 20s at her door, knocking, asking to come in," said the chief. "She immediately sent him on his way."

One resident said she has installed a security system, while another said she has a different method.

"I have a camera and I have a dog," says Mary May of St. Clairsville.

The chief urges people to be vigilant, and if something seems unusual, to call them immediately.

He says if it ends up being a false alarm, that's fine.

He'd rather have that than a burglary.

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