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Hunters Asked To Search For Signs Of Aliayah

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It's been more than two years since Aliayah Lunsford disappeared from her Lewis County home, bringing out volunteers from across the area to search for her. Tammy O'Connell was one of those out searching and she said there was never any question that she'd pitch in.

"It's just heartbreaking, children coming up missing with no explanation, it's just stupid for that to even happen. I just have a big heart and am passionate about what needs to be done right," O'Connell said.

And now with gun buck season underway, O'Connell will be looking again, but this time while she's out hunting. She and other hunters in the county are being asked to keep a close eye out for any sign of Aliayah, a job she thinks hunters are well suited for.

"You have to watch where you step, what you do, because of the situation. I think it's very easy to notice anything that's out there if you really do safely hunt," said O'Connell.

While it's been years since her disappearance, the possibility of finding something is still there. The investigation into Aliayah's disappearance is still open with the Lewis County Sheriff's Department, and they're hoping to get that one good lead.

"There's always that chance. Definitely if somebody stumbles on something that they don't know exactly what it is, give us a call, we'll check it out," said Chief Deputy Randy Hyre.

O'Connell hasn't given up hope either, and said she'll be looking carefully while she's out in the woods.

"I never give up hope on believing that something could be right. I know it makes it difficult with the snow outside and everything, but you just still, you need to look because anything could pop up anywhere at any time," O'Connell said.

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