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Alderson Broaddus University to host mini-conference, 'Leadership, Religion and Ethics'

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On Dec. 4, Alderson Broaddus University will engage the relationship among ethics, religion, and leadership in contemporary American politics and culture through the mini-conference "Leadership, Religion and Ethics."

This event is sponsored by the West Virginia Humanities Council, the Alderson Broaddus religion and philosophy department and the Alderson Broaddus speech and debate team.

Operating as a mini-conference, the event includes public lectures presented by Alderson Broaddus University faculty Danny Franke, professor of religion and philosophy and Jeremy Christensen, professor of communication. The program will also feature a roundtable discussion on ethics and leadership and will conclude with two keynote addresses by Jake Morgan and Donald Simmons. 

"While the connection among these disciplines is apparent, recent events, both nationally and internationally, suggest America stands on the precipice of a new crisis of confidence," said Christensen. "Generations Y and Z are confronted with a political landscape ultimately divided over questions of biology and religion: biometric scanning, human embryotic stem cell research, comparative ethics, etc.  This conference will explore the religious, ethical, leadership and scientific questions that spur this divide in the American experience by giving thoughtful consideration to the assumptions held by both sides of the political aisle."

The first keynote address, "Comparative Ethics and Medical Intervention" will be presented by Morgan at 3 P.M. in Kemper-Redd Lecture Hall. Morgan is a doctoral candidate in Boston University's Health Services Research program and a research coordinator for Boston University's Department of Health Policy and Management. Over the past three years, Morgan has presented at a number of national conferences including the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology Annual Conference (2012) and Society for Epidemiological Research Annual Meeting (2013) and is preparing two articles for publication in national public health journals: "Factors Associated with Physician Prescribing Behavior at Large Urban Hospitals" and "Spatial Identification of Coal Power Plant Emission Effects on Education Access."

The second keynote, "Leadership, Religion, and Ethics: A New Crisis of Confidence for America's Youth" will be presented by Simmons regarding leadership challenges and ethics for America's Y and Z generations at 5 P.M. in Funkhouser Auditorium. Simmons, the Founding Permanent Director of the McGovern Center and Legacy Museum at Dakota Wesleyan, earned his Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Denver in history and international studies and his Certificate of Ministry from Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University. Widely recognized as a scholar in both leadership studies and religion, Simmons recent and forthcoming publications include "Leadership and Service: An Introduction," "The Calling to Christian Leadership" and "The Political Mind in American Politics." 

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