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Two Incidents of Poaching Reported at Grand Vue Park in Marshall County

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Authorities say incidents of poaching have now happened at two parks in the Ohio Valley; one at Oglebay Park, and two at Grand Vue Park in Marshall County.

After the two incidents at Grand Vue Park, managers have heightened security to keep its guests and wildlife safe. The park has more than 650 rolling acres full of wildlife, but recently a big problem has surfaced. Poachers have been killing deer and leaving the carcasses for employees and guests to find.

The latest incident occurred last week, and Grand Vue manager Craig White said it's something that is unacceptable especially when it comes to guest safety. He said, "It's something people in this day and age drive by and do crazy things. They're not paying attention to what they're doing, don't really care about other people or other things in this world and it's unfortunate because Grand Vue Park, as is Oglebay park are beautiful places for people to enjoy and enjoy that passive recreation concept at this time of the year so we want everyone to be safe and that's the number one thing."

Park employees say they're not about to stand around and do nothing about the poaching problem at Grand Vue. Along with extra security cameras, they've partnered up with two agencies to watch for poachers. 

White said, "The Department of Natural Resources, as well the Marshall County Sheriff's office is patrolling the park as well as us as well and local neighbors that have all found out as well so we are all paying attention."


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