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Steubenville Public Library Preserves a Little "Creegan and Crow" History

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For decades, George Creegan and his late wife Joann put on the "Creegan and Crow" televised puppet show that traveled around the Ohio Valley.

Unfortunately, a fire broke out Wednesday night at the Creegan Company Building in Steubenville. Flames and smoke ruined most of what was inside, and now the building that once housed the puppets, props, and scenery that entertained so many has been placed on the city's emergency demolition list.

Many of the puppets from the show have been auctioned off or donated across the nation. The Steubenville Public Library was one of the lucky locations to receive a piece of "Creegan and Crow" history.

"The main library downtown has some figurines that were made back in the 1950s by Frosty Bianco, who was an employee of Creegan," said Alan Hall, the Director of the Public Library in Steubenville. "Then we also have the "Creegan and Crow" that Mr. Creegan gave to us last year we have on display."

George Creegan also donated an original "Crow" puppet to the Schiappa branch of the Steubenville Public Library.

Alan Hall says it's nice to have such a different part of Ohio Valley history at both branches of the library.

"We recognize the uniqueness of it and the ones that we have are the older ones, the older paper mache," said Hall. "They held up much better than some of the newer ones that were hot-glued. You're welcome to come enjoy them just like we do."

The Steubenville Library also has DVDs of the original "Creegan and Crow" show that you can check out if you want to relive some childhood memories.

The main branch of the library is open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

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No demolition date has been set yet for the Creegan Company Building.

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