Tips for Staying Healthy as Flu Risk Increases with Dropping Temperatures


The dangerously cold temperatures bring with them increased health risks for residents in the Ohio Valley. The cold, flu, frostbite and hypothermia are more likely to have an impact in cold weather. 

Doctors at Wheeling Hospital say they haven't seen much of an increase yet, but they offered some tips of how to keep yourself warm and healthy during the next few months. 

Emergency Trauma Center Doctor Raina Berk says the key to keeping your body warm and avoiding frostbite or hypothermia is staying dry. 

"When you're getting ready to go outside, you want to put on your hat and your gloves right before you go out," she says. "You don't want to put them on and then get sweaty and then go outside and you're wet."

Dr. Burke also suggests washing your hands frequently and getting a flu shot. If you think you might be at high risk for getting sick this season, Wheeling Hospital Doctors say don't hesitate to get checked out.

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