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Frozen Pipes Burst at Belmont County Animal Shelter, Causing Major Damage

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A massive water break at the Belmont County Animal Shelter ruined everything in several rooms of the building on Wednesday No animals were hurt, but he shelter was closed to the public on Wednesday while emergency repairs were underway.

Overnight, water had cascaded down out of the ceiling, and then had frozen. When the staff got to work, they couldn't get in the front door, which was encased in layers of ice. The parking lot was also covered in ice.

The most damage occurred mainly in the office, the small dog room and the brand new neuter spay operating room. Diane Amend, Shelter Coordinator, said, "The front office, where you walk in, it's completely destroyed. Paperwork, documentation is a wet soggy mess. The surgery room is completely destroyed, everything in it."

The shelter had to turn the public away while county maintenance workers, volunteer helpers and a professional cleaning and restoration company cleaned and worked.

The animals were all safe. While things are a little chaotic in the front part of the office, the kennel portion is unaffected and the animals are warm and dry.

The shelter is asking the public for help, and need towels, blankets and comforters. They also need volunteers to help walk the dogs, and need help with the laundry.

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