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Marshall County Homeowner Says Landslide Putting Family in Danger

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Washington Lands, W.Va. -

A homeowner in Marshall County is concerned about his daughter's safety as a landslide gets closer and closer to his home.

Lee Galentine grew up in the home and was told the land slip that happened years ago had been fixed. Within two weeks of owning the home, another landslide started and it's slipping closer - especially during these extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Galentine said his daughter's room is on the backside of the house along with his water well. He hopes something can be done before it's too late. He said, "They haven't fixed anything yet. But my biggest concern is all of these rocks falling down and rolling either into where my daughter sleeps or into my well. It's just - the whole thing is screwing everything up."

Galentine says when the land first slipped,  it was about 75 yards across; now, the slip has doubled in size and is taking down nearby trees. He's afraid they'll have to leave their home if something isn't done soon.

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