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KKK Goes Door-to-Door in Flushing

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The Ku Klux Klan was in Flushing, Ohio on Monday, leaving flyers on residents' porches.

People discovered the flyers, sealed in plastic bags, with anti-Martin Luther King rhetoric and with a phone number where the KKK could be reached for those wanting to join. Ironically, one of the persons who received a flyer was the founder and curator of the Underground Railroad Museum, John Mattox.

Mattox said residents did not appreciate the visit.

"People were going around picking them up because they were disturbed. I received a few unpleasant telephone calls from my neighbors so," Mattox said. "If I have the opportunity to let individuals know what type of citizens we have in Flushing, we recognize that they have a right, but that is not something that we entertain in Flushing, Ohio."

Mattox said the Constitution guarantees every citizen freedom of expression. In the end, he quoted Martin Luther King, saying, "We will hang on to love, because hate is too heavy a burden." He said Flushing residents do not have a hate mentality.


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