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'Freedom From Religion Foundation' Targets Stratton Crosses

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The same group that threatened to sue Steubenville for having a cross in their logo has now chosen a new target. 

Stratton, Ohio, is the latest Ohio Valley community to come under fire for having crosses in public areas. Stratton Mayor John Abdalla said that the group Freedom From Religion has threatened to sue the village if they don't remove the crosses on the municipal building and the one at the park.

The crosses have been up for more than 20 years, but Abdalla has already removed the ones at the municipal building and says he plans on removing  the one in the park once the weather gets better.

But his brother, long time Stratton resident and former mayor, sheriff Fred Abdalla says they must stand up for themselves.

"We are not going to bow down and say oh well take the crosses down no well fight and let the fight begin," sheriff Abdalla said.

Some residents believe the village should be able to keep the crosses there.

Dan Carman of Hopedale says he does not understand the groups motives.

"You can be whatever religion you want. I don't understand why you have to worry about satisfying anyone not being religious," he said.

Freedom from Religion wrote to mayor Abdalla on Oct. 16 asking for the "unconstitutional endorsement of Christianity" to be removed.



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