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Schools Prepare for More Cancellations as Cold Snap Continues

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Marshall County -

The snow and cold have put students across the Ohio Valley out of school for several days this winter, and with more snow in the forecast, delays and closings are most likely in the future as well.

John Marshall High School Principal Rick Jones said that if it were just snow, his students would have only missed a couple days of school, but the frigid temperatures have really given the schools trouble.

In Marshall County, it was so cold that several busses have had their fuel freeze according to Jones.

He also expects to miss some school this week too with the temperatures struggling to get into the teens Monday and Tuesday.

Jones said he'll meet with teachers and staff and make some plans to help students make up the lost time in the classroom.

"Unfortunately for the kids I think there will be a lot more on them to do some more homework and things on their own because we simply can't make up a lot of the lost time," said Jones. "But I know, I'm certain that our teachers at John Marshall will come up with real good and creative ways to get the most out of our time there."

Jones met with other area principals last week and hopes to meet with his teachers and staff this week to hammer out a plan.

Jones says that the Transportation Director and Superintendent travel the roads early in the morning before school to determine whether to cancel class.

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