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Hancock County Bus Drivers Fight Relocation of Bus Garage

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Hancock County, W.Va. -

Hancock County bus drivers are fighting to prevent the relocation of the bus garage from Weirton to New Cumberland. Their main reason: children's safety.

However, there are also economic factors that would save taxpayers a lot of money, according to bus drivers who are working to keep the bus garage in Weirton.

"It is absolutely a waste of taxpayer money, but that's the secondary problem," said Terryn Risk, a Hancock County bus driver. "The primary problem is the evacuation of the children it would take them far too long in an event of an emergency."

That's why Risk and his wife Diana, along with a group of Hancock County bus drivers, are asking the Board of Education to reconsider their decision to move the bus garage from Weirton to New Cumberland. 

During the meeting held Monday, Risk cited various reasons why they believe it shouldn't be relocated, including safety of the children, saying that in an event of an emergency, it would take the buses longer to pick the children up coming from New Cumberland, especially now that 900 students will be attending the new elementary school.

"I've got a child at Weir High, I don't want her to be there any longer than she has to be," Risk said.

Risk says that the extra fuel costs, added mileage, extra compensation for drivers, and renovations to the existing New Cumberland bus garage would come out of the pockets of the tax payers.

Board of Education President Jerry Durante says the board will take them up on their offer and take a much deeper look and absolutely agree that the safety of the students is first. The board will have transfer hearings on Feb. 3 and 4 when they'll decide if the bus garage will be moved or not.



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