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Village of Shadyside Emerges from Snow Emergency

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Shadyside emerged Monday from a day-long "snow emergency." That meant that people on certain designated streets had to get move their cars in order to give the snow scrapers a chance to do some much-needed work.

This is a law that's been on the books in Shadyside for 12 years. They invoke a snow emergency when the streets get snow and ice-encrusted and the plows can't get through. It's not something they do casually.

"We try not to use this too often because we know it's a great inconvenience to the residents. Parking in Shadyside is tight," said Mayor Bob Newhart.

It involves one side of the street, on eight different streets or sections of streets. They say residents of those streets are aware of it, there are signs in those areas. If you don't move your car voluntarily, you could be towed. It's a minor misdemeanor to ignore a snow emergency.

Before this was on the books, the snow plows just worked around the parked cars, but on the narrower streets, it often led to a close encounter.

Newhart says most of this town was built when the average household had one car, not three or four.


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