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What Women Really Want For Valentines Day

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Sometimes women aren't always clear about what they want from their significant others on Valentines Day.

"My perfect Valentine's Day would be just to relax. Have a nice enjoyable evening and just watch movies," said Alyssa Skidmore, Fairmont resident.

But no woman is the same.

"A perfect Valentine's Day would compose of every romantic thing that ever happened in any type of romantic movie," Meagan Gibson, Fairmont resident.

Some women said the best Valentine's Day gifts are original. Going by the book, or what's expected, is what most men choose to do.

"It's just traditional things they keep doing. I think women want to be surprised and not so the guy is going to be complaining and grumbling about it," Gibson said. "Do something unexpected."

Target employees said some of those traditional things are top sellers.

"A lot of candy. A lot of chocolate. That's our big things," said Dave Skiba, Target Manager. "We have a lot of bagged candy for Valentines Day. That's a huge seller. Flowers we actually got those in yesterday. The roses and stuff like that."

Some places, like Tuscan Sun Spa in Clarksburg, offer men an alternative to the traditional route.

"Think outside the box of chocolates. Think something that a woman would really want," said Cheri Satterfield, Tuscan Sun Spa. "Our gift cards give them, they can buy makeup, Vera Bradley, anything that they want. I think Tuscan, we kind of fit the bill for that."

According to Nielsen, Americans will buy around 58 million pounds of chocolate leading up to the 14th. We also shell out somewhere around $345 million to satisfy our Valentine's sweet tooth.

"I don't mind the chocolate part. I love chocolate but most girls don't really want that. I mean we like it, but its not really a necessity," Skidmore said.

"I want flowers, candy. I want an "I love you" letter spelled out in the snow," said Gibson.

We asked our Facebook followers about their perfect Valentines Day. You can read them by clicking on the link.

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