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Only On 7: Local Police Uncover Human Trafficking Case in Jefferson County

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A case of human trafficking has reportedly been discovered in Jefferson County.

On Thursday, Police said they had two 16-year-old girls in custody who claim they were used as prostitutes to get drugs into Jefferson County.

Juvenile probation officers said the increase of human trafficking is a direct correlation with the increased drug activity in Jefferson County, but now, they're looking to crack down on the adults who are taking advantage of the youth in the community.

"People are letting this stuff happen in their home, we are going to go after them and we are going to investigate these situations," added Jefferson County Chief Probation Officer Fred Abdalla Jr.

Abdalla also said this isn't the first time he's dealt with the problem.

"They're using these girls for prostitution. They take them across state lines and use them to bring drugs back into the community. It's all profit for these adults out there that are breaking these laws," said Abdalla.

It's not just men using girls, Abdalla says they've seen women using boys to sell and traffic drugs as well.

Abdalla added, "We are realizing this with the kids who have been in probation. What's scary is to think of all the other juveniles in Steubenville and Jefferson who are being taken advantage of."

The department is now making an effort to make the juveniles feel more comfortable talking with them, but also help in the rehabilitation process.

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