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Moundsville Man Who Told Police He Was Afraid to Leave Hotel Room Arrested on Drug Charges

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A Moundsville man who told police he was afraid to leave his room at the Triadelphia Hampton Inn because he feared his family was waiting outside to confront him about a stolen safe, was arrested after drugs and money were allegedly found in his room.

On Monday, police responded to the hotel and spoke with the staff who informed them that a man had called the front desk several times complaining of men in the hallway near his door, and that he was fearful of them. The man reportedly refused to leave his room to pay his bill, and gave the cleaning staff the money to pay the bill for him.

When police arrived at the room, they were met by the man and a woman who were later identified as James Parr and Loretta Minor, both of Moundsville. While police were speaking with Parr, one of the officers reportedly observed a mason jar in the room with marijuana residue inside. The officer also reported seeing a pistol on the floor of the room, partially covered by towels. After police secured the pistol, Parr allowed officers into the room for a search.

During the search, around 12 grams of marijuana was reportedly discovered in a trash can in a clear plastic bag. Also discovered in the room was $1,193 in cash on a countertop.

Parr reportedly told police that he was fearful for his safety from his family, who he believed was waiting outside for him because they believed he had stolen a safe containing a large amount of money; between $50,000 and $60,000, collectible coins, jewelry and gold utensils.

During a further search, $36,000 in cash was reportedly found under the hotel bed.

Parr and Minor were then detained and read their rights. Minor then provided police with $1,000 she had placed in her shoe.

Items found in the hotel room included: jewelry, cash, marijuana, prescription pills, three cell phones, a bag with cocaine residue, a vehicle title and two debit cards.

Parr and Minor were transported to the West Virginia State Police, where during interviews, both reportedly admitted to stealing a safe from Parr's grandfather in Shadyside. They were then transported to the Northern Regional Jail, where during a search, officers reportedly found 16 Hydrocodone pills and 3 Buprenorphine Hydrochloride pills Parr had hidden in a latex glove.

Parr and Minor both await arraignment.


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