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Sen. Joe Manchin Skypes with Triadelphia Middle School Students

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The voice of Senator Joe Manchin rang through a classroom at Triadelphia Middle School on Wednesday as he opened the floor up to questions from sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students.

There were plenty of issues that they wanted to know more about and Senator Manchin let them know where he stood. Some of the subjects touched upon included same sex marriage, hilltop mining, raising the minimum wage and the legalization of marijuana which Sen. Manchin is strongly against.

"If they've been smoking marijuana and they're impaired and can't drive it could be a threat to you and I," said Manchin. "What's a policeman going to do? They can say 'I didn't do anything illegal.'"

The students realized how great of an opportunity they had to learn from Senator Manchin and know it will help them in the future.

"I think it was very helpful for all of us students at Triadelphia, it's preparing us for the future, making sure we know about West Virginia and just getting us on the right track and knowing what his opinions are," said Logan Tucker, an eighth-grader at Triadelphia Middle School.

"It was very interesting and very fun, a lot of schools don't get the opportunity to do this and since Triadelphia got to do this, it's very cool," said Ritika Reddy, another eighth-grader.

The feelings of gratitude were felt through the Internet connection and Senator was glad to hear from the students too.

"Thank you all so much for letting come into your wonderful school, thank you for the job of all our adults, you got some stars on your hands, guys," said Senator Manchin.



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