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Wheeling Police Warn of Possible Phone Scam

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The Wheeling Police Department has received several complaints from people regarding a possible telephone scam in the area. 

The caller will allege that the victim has taken out a loan from a cash advance company and that no payment has been made. They will then demand that the victim purchase a prepaid debit card, call another designated number, and have the funds transferred to satisfy the debt.

The caller also threatens to have the police arrest the victim if no payment is made. 

Wheeling police said many different telephone numbers are showing up on victims' caller ID's.

Wheeling Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger said it is doubtful that this is a legitimate operation and to not send money to people you are not certain you do not owe.

When a victim sends money to an operation like this, there is little chance of recovering it.



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