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Nick Green

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Business Manager, 
Harry Green Chevrolet/Nissan 
Bridgeport, 27

Being a car dealer is in Nick Green's blood, four generations deep.

"It felt like it's in the blood, and it's not that it's expected, but it's something that your heart is set on, and you're raised with those characteristics of taking care of people within the organization and taking care of the customers — it's ingrained in your personality," Green said. "I've been here since I was in diapers." 

Green is the business manager at Harry Green Chevrolet/Nissan, and it's a dealership his great-grandfather helped start.

Green graduated from WVU in 2009 with a degree in business management, which his siblings tease him was the "easy route," and he went straight to work at the dealership full-time. He said his favorite part of his job is working with the many different businesses within the dealership.

"It's multi-faceted," he said. "You have a used car department, a new car department, parts, service, a car wash, an office … so it's like managing several different businesses at once."

And he has experience in almost every area, having worked in the car wash as a teenager and moving throughout the business as he got older.

"I've spent substantive time in all areas of the dealership working and trying to learn and gain every bit of education I can," he said.

He likes to make time to visit Sweden, where his mother is from, but most of Green's free time, which he said is hard to come by, is spent unplugging in nature with his dogs.

"I love to make sure that I'm out with the dogs and doing things with them, so they always come hiking with me and they come on any little trips like that," he said. "When I do get my free time … I can turn my phone off and be somewhat isolated and at peace."

And he uses the business as his way to give back to his community.

"We strive to make sure that we're active in as many local, grassroots organizations, and in particular the county YMCA is one we try to help out with," Green said. "We do a lot of small donations … throughout the community."

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