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Crowds Arrive Too Soon at Moundsville Skate Park, Damage Wet Concrete

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The Moundsville Skate Park got off to a rocky start this week after an overly-exuberant opening day took place four days early.

The Moundsville Skate Park was supposed to open Wednesday, but last Saturday, the kids couldn't wait any longer. It was a beautiful day, and the equipment was installed, so they jumped the gun.

The problem was, the concrete holding the ground rails in place hadn't completely set up yet.

Crews will now have to jackhammer the concrete out and re-install it. It wasn't technically a case of deliberate vandalism. It was more like unbridled excitement.

So, the skate park is open. The kids have waxed the edges to make it faster, even written their names in a few places. Then the mayor had a talk with them.

The skate park is on Mulberry Street, beside Four Seasons Pool, a large fenced in basketball court and a playground. They've already put three years and $10,000 into the skate park.

They say just wish the kids would have waited just four more days to use it.

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