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Second Superload Continues Journey Through Marshall County

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The superload will proceed on West Virginia Route 88 to U.S. 250 southbound on Monday. It is heading to the McElroy substation entrance on County Route 17, Fork Ridge Road where it will rest for the night.

On Tuesday, the superload will proceed from the McElroy substation entrance to the Williams site on County Route 17, Fork Ridge Road.



When see a 128 foot de-ethanizer moving down the street, you tend to stop and stare.

"It's impressive to say the least, I've seen stuff like this before because I worked in heavy construction for years and yea it is impressive," said Greg White, who came from South Charleston to see the superload on Sunday.

The massive piece of equipment was moving through Marshall County at steady 3 miles per hour which meant there was plenty of time for everyone and their family to watch.

"I enjoyed it, it's really different to see something like that," said Glendale resident Andy Adams. "The first one went through and I missed it so today I just figured I'd bring my grandchild up and get to see it for once."

The de-ethanizer caused traffic backups but some believed the travel plans for the superload were well adjusted after the first one well through a few weeks ago.

"There were a few people who got behind it but never really heard any major problems from that so I'm sure they're going to do much better today," said West Virginia Delegate David Evans, representing the 4th District.

"I think they're handling it pretty well. The first time through was like an experiment just like anything, I think they did very well with it," said Andy Adams.

Some viewers on our 7 News Facebook page though were not pleased with the latest superload.

Paul W. Says: "Oh wow. It's so super. I've never seen a piece of junk like this block taxpayers from driving down the roads they pay for in such a super fashion. I'm just super impressed."

While Dawn F. Said: "Oh the roads in Marshall County aren't tore up enough...."

The superload continued along Route 86 before heading south on Route 88 Sunday and stopping for the day. They'll pick back up Monday down 88 before hitting Route 250 and hopefully arriving at Williams' Oak Grove facility near Cameron on Tuesday.

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