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A string of burglaries hit one Fayette County neighborhood

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Homes in one southern West Virginia neighborhood become the target of thieves.

A string of burglaries has one Fayette County neighborhood on edge, and now neighbors want answers.

Oak Hill Police told 59News in broad daylight, suspects have broken into at least three different homes in South Hills Village.

Oak Hill Police Chief Mike Whisman said the thieves are stealing items from homes on Sutton Place, Round Hill Road and Summerlee Road. He told us the missing items are not large enough to be noticed right away, usually cash, jewelry and small electronics.

The odd part is, he said the homeowners don't even realize that someone has been in their home until a day or two later.

"I believe what they might be doing is going around and seeing if no one is home. Seeing if anyone will answer their door. They're going around to gain entry into the homes, they're not breaking windows or doors. There's meticulously gaining entrance into the residences," Whisman said.

Homeowner Vickie Smith told 59News now she's afraid to leave her home, especially with her grand-daughter inside.

"It's real shocking, unnerving and unsettling. They're happening in the middle of the day, you feel like you can't go to work. I often drop my grand-daughter home after school and then go back to work so for me it's very unnerving," said Smith.

Chief Whisman told 59News one of the best ways you can protect yourself from burglaries is having your neighbors keep a very watchful eye on your house and having them report any suspicious vehicles or people immediately.

Smith is going even further to ensure the safety of her family and her home. She told us now, she's having her young grand-daughter learn how to protect herself.

"I actually showed her, she's been practicing with my husband with firearms. She knows where to get them and to not let anybody come in because you don't know what they're going to do," said Smith.

Chief Whisman has ordered extra patrols to be made in South Hills Village, especially during day-time.

Police say people can also protect themselves by buying security systems and having neighbors watch your house when you're not home.

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