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Local Photographer Helps Set the Scene for CBS's "Criminal Minds"

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Wednesday night's Criminal Mind's tells the story of two murder victims found in a West Virginia community and one local photographer was called in to make sure they got the Wheeling area set just right.

Being on the screen is nothing new for the Ohio Valley, whether it was on TV like "The Andy Griffith Show" when Andy and Helen are supposed to get married in Wheeling or on the big screen like in 1978's the Deer Hunter which featured the steel mills of Steubenville and Weirton.

But CBS could shoot on location but wanted to make sure their West Virginia seemed authentic so they called Joe Krehlik at Forever a Masterpiece Photography Studio in St. Clairsville. Krehlik says they like some of his photos but wanted more.

"They had me go out and shoot different areas of downtown Wheeling and we shot some areas like the Marsh-Wheeling Stogie area, the Centre Market area as well as just some nature type of shots," said Krehlik.

Krehlik says he ran out and started shooting as soon as he got the call and will be exited to be one of the 10 to 13 million people watching Wednesday night.

"Interesting because of the excitement that a lot of my friends and some of even our clients have called me about and Facebooked me about it," said Krehlik. "It's just nice to be part of something bigger."

Now Krehlik says that some of his photos should actually appear on the walls of the West Virginia police station in tonight's episode so keep your eyes peeled when Criminal Mind airs Wednesday night on CBS at 9 PM.

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