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Local Woman Getting New Kidney Thanks to Stranger on Craigslist

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A local woman is receiving a generous donation from a stranger through Craigslist, and on Sunday, a spaghetti dinner was held to help raise money for her medical expenses.

Cindy Prettyman was given two options: dialysis or a kidney transplant. With very little kidney function, she decided to be placed on the transplant list, but her son wasn't satisfied. "They told me it would be five years, maybe even 10, depends on my condition, my blood type and all that. So, my son didn't like that idea, so he said he put an ad on Craigslist," transplant patient Cindy Chichick-Prettyman said.

Cindy's son posted a wanted ad for a kidney on Craigslist. Surprisingly, he received a call the very next day from Jacklyn Mellott offering her kidney. Cindy and Jacklyn were complete strangers, but it turns out, they were a match.

 "When she first called me and said she was going to donate ... disbelief. I didn't believe anybody would be doing something like that, so I didn't really take it seriously. I didn't have a whole lot of feelings, but when she called and said "we're a match," it was like, my heart started pounding," Prettyman said.

After surgery, Cindy is required to take both anti-viral and anti-rejection medication. Her insurance will cover her anti-rejection medication; however, it won't cover the cost of her anti-viral medicine. That's where the spaghetti dinner came in.

The spaghetti dinner was held Sunday at Glen Dale Methodist Church to raise money for Cindy's medical expenses. Jacklyn was at the fundraising dinner, and she said she is nothing but thrilled to be donating her kidney.

"Do I know I'm going to be in pain? Of course, of course. I'm going to be in pain and she'll hear it. She will hear it. But you know what, two weeks to help her have a better life, I'm all for it," said kidney donor Jacklyn Mellott.

Cindy said she will have the transplant surgery in June or July, but Jacklyn is hoping for an earlier date.

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