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Ohio County Sheriff Warns of Jury Duty Scam

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The Ohio County Sheriff issued a warning to Ohio Valley residents on Wednesday to be on the lookout for a telephone scam in which the caller claims the victim has missed jury duty and demands money to stop a bench warrant from being issued.

Several residents have reported receiving calls in which the caller identifies himself as a bailiff for area courts. The caller then states that the resident has failed to show up for jury duty, and to prevent a bench warrant from being issued, the resident must purchase a Green Dot Voucher card at a local Wal-Mart or Family Dollar store for specific amounts of money.

The caller then tells the resident to report the card number back to him, granting the caller access to the money on that card.

The Ohio County Sheriff's office advises that no resident should forward any money or card information if requested in such a manner, and a report for jury duty is not handled in this manner.

Anyone seeking more information is asked to contact the sheriff's office at 304-234-3680.
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