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NEW DETAILS: Shadyside Man Found Dead in Front Yard

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SHADYSIDE - Police in Belmont County are investigating after an elderly man was found dead in his yard.

According to the Belmont County Sheriff's Department, a 76-year-old man was discovered by friends who were coming to visit him around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night. The friends said they stopped by to give him a dog. "He recently lost his dog, So these individuals, one had a puppy that he couldn't keep, and they say they stopped by to give him a dog," said Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas.

The man was found in front of his home on New Cut Road in Shadyside. The fire department, the sheriff's department and ultimately the coroner were all called to the scene. During the initial investigation, one family member pointed out that the man's truck was missing, and another unknown car was in the driveway, but it was later discovered that the man had sold the truck a week earlier to purchase the car.

The property appeared to be in a state of complete chaos and disarray, but the sheriff said that, too, seems to have a logical reason. "From the way he lived in conditions, and from his personal belongings and stuff, we didn't see nothing out of the ordinary for a person. You know we're all different, we all live different so we've got to look at the person for who they are and not what we are," said Lucas. Those who knew him say the man was not social, in fact he was reclusive, but he occasionally had visitors.

Lucas said there were no outward signs of foul play, but said he would not rule anything until an autopsy has been performed. Stay with us as more details are released.
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