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Moundsville Middle School Honors Veterans and Current Military Members

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Memorial Day is a little over a week away, but students at Moundsville Middle School are have been honoring veterans and current military members every morning.    

Each morning, a student is invited to say the Pledge of Allegiance over the school intercom system and briefly honor a veteran or current military member.   

Afterwards, the students are given a small American flag to proudly display on their lockers.  

Teacher Jean Sherman came up with this idea as a way to instill a sense of patriotism in the students.

"I saw one of my students walking down the hall that wasn't in my class earlier that day, and I said, 'Did you come to school late today?' and he said, 'Yes, my dad just got home from Afghanistan.' So, that put the idea in my head that we need to be aware of the families that are supporting military moms and dads, and do something for them," said Sherman.

Principal Sandy McAllister says the students and faculty are more than happy to support the troops.

"It's something that our school took pride in, that we're doing something in remembrance of those that are in active duty now or were in duty," McAllister said.

The school has also written letters to soldiers.

"A friend of mine sent an e-mail in the Air Force and said that they were deploying a crew and that most of them, it was their first deployment, and he asked for me support. So we wrote letters to the crew and sent them over, and he sent back a very nice certificate signed by the whole crew and a flag that was on a plane during a combat mission," Sherman said.

The students have also sent cards to the veterans' hospital and collected food and DVDs to send to soldiers.

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