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Barnesville Residents Fighting Proposed Fracking Waste Site

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BARNESVILLE, Ohio - Some residents are greatly concerned over the possibility of a fracking waste site coming to Barnesville, and on Thursday, the Belmont County Port Authority Board held a meeting to determine what to do about the waste site coming to their town.

Some heated discussions took place during the meeting, as residents voiced concerns and some commissioners agreed. During the meeting, the board voted to rescind their vote to allow the signing of a contract with EnerGreen - for now - and said they are placing the issue on the back burner until September 1. This will allow the fracking waste company to present the board with more information.

Residents said they are concerned that they don't know what could be in the waste and how it could affect their families or their property.

Back in 2012, the Belmont County Commission sent a letter to the Port Authority stating they didn't support a different proposed injection well and the project died as a result. Just like the 2012 case, some commissioners are not in support of this proposal as it stands.

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