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Miracle League of the Ohio Valley Dedicates Pavilion

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Saturday, the Miracle League of the Ohio Valley dedicated the pavilion of the Miracle League Baseball Field to Margaret Ferns.

Margaret is the mother of Mike Ferns, the man who donated the funds to build the pavilion. Lorainne McCardle of the Miracle League Ohio Valley is grateful for the generosity and compassion of Mike Ferns and his family.

"Mike Ferns, in honor of this mother, donated the money to build the pavilion. That's where we have picnic tables located
so we want to honor him and his family with appreciation and doing a special event today for it," said McCardle.

Mike Ferns and several of his family members were at the ceremony. Ferns says this field and dedication means a lot to him, and he is more than happy to help a worthy cause.

"Well I think it was needed and they had a great project, and we like to work doing charitable situations. This seemed like really a worthy one," Ferns said.

 An honorary plaque is hanging in the pavilion and features a photo of Mike Fern's mother, Margaret.
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