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Crumbling Mt. Pleasant Mausoleum With 20 Bodies Inside Has Residents, Officials Concerned

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Jefferson County - Memorials and dedications took place all across the Ohio Valley on Monday as many people made stops to cemeteries to pay tribute to their loved ones, but for some it wasn't a sight they were prepared to see.

The mausoleum at Highland Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant is crumbling to the ground, and more than 20 bodies rest within the walls of the structure. The state of the burial site has officials and residents concerned and almost everyone wants it to be torn down.

"There's several steps you have to take in order to do it and do it right , so we can relocate those that are in there and get it down while it's still in some kind of safety to get inside it, said Mt. Pleasant Mayor Charles Banannio.

Mt. Pleasant resident Debbie Bensie said, "I think it's horrible. I've been coming here for years with my mother to visit my grandmother and it's never looked like this, never, and I know that in the past few years it'd been falling apart, the doors were down and no one's done anything to it."

Officials aren't only concerned about the state of the mausoleum, but are also concerned about exhuming bodies that died from unknown diseases, more than a 100 years ago. Officials hope to start on the demolition as soon as they get the guidance they need to handle the project the right way.

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