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Sliding Hillside in Glencoe Has Residents Worried

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A hillside behind a home in Glencoe on Glencoe Road is sliding right into a woman's backyard.

Dawn Homan said the first tree fell in December, and the hillside has been collapsing ever since. Homan claims she has called several organizations throughout Belmont County, but no one has offered to fix the problem, and she fears that if the coming weeks bring more rain, the water will cause a huge mud slide and major flooding from the creek. "Potential flooding will happen if it's not taken care of, and there's families around here, 20 plus houses that are going to get affected, with kids that play outside every day. It's just not a minor issue. The whole hillside is going to fall with all the rain coming," home owner Dawn Homan said.

Dawn's neighbor, Cara Burdine, is also fearful of the damage a mud slide could cause, as homes in the area have seen major flooding before.
"My house sits right on the turn. As the water flows down, it will come through the front if this all backs up. There's the concern that everybody is having. Especially this way... It'll come through my front door into my house," Burdine said.

Homan said she has received some response to the issue, but she fears the problem is not being fixed fast enough.

Belmont County Commissioner Mark Thomas was unavailable for comment.

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